Emperor Penguins and the Antarctica Peninsula : A Special Voyage to The Remote World of the Emperor Penguins of Snow Hill Island

Sail on an icebreaker amid Antarctic Peninsula icebergs then helicopter to the emperor penguin colony near Snow Hill Island. Experience one of the most elusive wildlife scenes on the planet deep in the heart of the Weddell Sea: emperor penguins with their beautiful young. To “march with the penguins” is a rare experience that few people are so fortunate to share. The polar-class icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, equipped with helicopters to access the Snow Hill rookery, will travel to Antarctica for the first time in eight years. The availability of helicopters for ice reconnaissance and transfers to otherwise inaccessible wildlife viewing areas sets this apart from other Antarctic voyages. This expedition is just too special to let it pass by! Join us as we sail through stunning seascapes in the iceberg-strewn Antarctic Sound into the Weddell Sea and behold the incredible emperors for yourself!


Trip Dates: Oct 17-Nov 1st 2018
Cost: $19,995-$34,995
Contact for full trip Details.

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